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Nao Tsuchiya, Ph.D.

Professor at Monash University.

Nao Tsuchiya, Ph.D.

Dr Tsuchiya was awarded a PhD at California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in 2006 and underwent postdoctoral training at Caltech until 2010. Receiving a PRESTO grant from Japan Science and Technology (JST) agency, Dr Tsuchiya returned to Japan in 2010. In Jan 2012, he joined the School of Psychological Sciences at Monash University as an Associate Professor (and as a Professor since 2020).

His main research interest is to uncover the neuronal basis of consciousness. Specifically, he focuses on:

1) the scope and limit of non-conscious processing, 2) the relationship between attention and consciousness, and 3) the neuronal correlates of consciousness by analysing the multi-channel neuronal recording obtained in animals and humans and 4) testing a theory of consciousness, in particular, integrated information theory of consciousness.

Through interdisciplinary collaborations, he uses a variety of research approaches, ranging from empirical (lab-based or online-based psychophysics, neuroimaging), computational (information theoretic/causal analyses/modeling of neural activity), to theoretical (including conceptual analysis and category theory) methods.

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